Cured-In-Place-Pipelining Demonstration Days July 18 – 19

Perma-Liner Industries, LLC. to Hold Live Cured-In-Place-Pipelining Demonstration Days and Educational Sessions Open House will be held in Anaheim, Cali. on July 18 – 19 ANAHEIM, Cali. – With state-of-the-art technology options, it is not necessary to dig up aging or failing pipes to repair them. There is an efficient and cost-effective way to repair these pipes called the Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) method. Perma-Liner™ Industries, LLC. (“Perma-Liner”), the leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment and materials in North America, is holding an Open House from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on July 18 – 19 at its Anaheim,

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Epoxy vinyl ester resin brings many advantages to CIPP industry

Perma-Liner™ Industries, LLC. (“Perma-Liner”), the leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment and materials in North America, is introducing a new high-performance epoxy vinyl ester resin called Perma-Liner™ Vinyl Ester. The resin is Bisphenol-A Epoxy-based dissolved in styrene and is available now for purchase. “We are excited to introduce our newest resin into our already broad spectrum of products,” said Jerry D’Hulster, president of Perma-Liner Industries, LLC. “The high-performance epoxy vinyl ester resin offers an excellent balance of corrosion and performance properties. It will allow Perma-Liner to expand to new markets with its unique capabilities.” The new resin

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Last Commercial Area in Worchester Finally Getting Sewer Lines

It’s 2018 and the last stretch of commercial area along Route 20 in Worchester, Massachusetts is finally getting sewer lines. There has been talking on and off for more than two decades. Money, other crucial needs, personnel, and time all seemed to stand in the way. But now the city is receiving more than $10 million from the state to help cover the costs. The money from the state is coming from an environmental bond bill and a transportation bond bill at $7 million and $3 million respectively. This covers half the cost of the $20 million sewer extension project.

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America’s Failing Water Infrastructure: There are Ways We Can Begin to Fix It

There are many variables threatening America’s water from pollution issues and aging infrastructure to raising costs and droughts and rainfall patterns as the climate changes. The U.S. used to be a leader when it came to water infrastructure and management. Now, the U.S. is lagging behind receiving D ratings for dams, drinking water and wastewater. It’s time to start focuses on possible solutions to curb these issues – the U.S. can get A ratings and below are some of the solutions that may get the nation where it needs to be. It starts with creating a national-level governance. Water technically

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Stoughton’s Joint Effort for Storm Water Management

The Gibbons Elementary School, located in Stoughton, is collaborating on a storm water management project with the Stoughton Engineering Department.  The project set in motion will identify and contain the runoff pollution in nearby ponds and brooks. The community has been concerned with the health hazard associated with the laden bacteria in local waterways stemming from lack of treatment. The school has been granted $137,000 for the purpose of upgrading the school grounds with modern storm water controls.  The project will involve building two bio retention cells/rain gardens and an infiltration basin. The targeted areas of runoff from the school

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