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Broken Sewer Pipe Boston

Batten Down the Hatches!

Boston, we are about to experience heavy flooding due to storms that are moving into our area, with these heavy rains sewers can back up

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How’s Your Cutting Charlotte

How’s Your Cutting Charlotte?

Perma-Liner is the Exclusive Distributor for DANCUTTER Robotics. Now introducing the DC Super Flex, this user-friendly cutter is flexible and reliable for working on smaller diameters

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Save Money and Time with Perma-Liner

Save Money and Time with Perma-Liner

The City of Boston celebrates close to ten years of using Perma-Liner Cured-In-Place-Pipe systems. The pipes from 1890, Boston has been re-lining pipes since the mid-1990s. citywide.

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Pipelining Boston

Scoop The Poop

Boston, when you are out walking your dog, do not put your dog’s poop in the sewer drains. If there is a leak it could

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Boston, Having Flooding Issues
Sewer Pipes

Boston, Having Flooding Issues?

Boston, The extreme change in the weather from below freezing temperatures, to warmer conditions ,led to a  busy weekend  for Boston’s Fire Department, as they 

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