Malfunction Causes Major Sewage Spill

Almost two million gallons of untreated sewage spilled into the Merrimack River recently when a valve at the pumping station failed while work was being done to replace another valve. This failure forced crews to divert the sewage to the river to prevent a catastrophic event with the crews working on the system. The spill into the river was at least the third of more than 1 million gallons by the regional sewage district since April. The district sent a slurry mix of sewage and stormwater totaling 19 million gallons to the river during a storm on April 16, and

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A Timely Sewer-Saver Plan for Boston Neighborhoods

In neighborhoods in and around the Boston area, inflow and infiltration have become a concern for homeowners. While there has been a good amount of sewer infrastructure rehabilitations, city-wide, the newest proposal to hit the streets will tackle inflow and infiltration with a newer and more aggressive approach than previous attempts. This year’s investment will be in areas where the highest return in reduced flows is anticipated. During the recent flow-metering, excessive infiltration was discovered prompting the city to make a reliable, cost-effective plan. The city expects to fund work on several areas identified as having the highest inflow and

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Affordable Pipe Leak Repair Program

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission has no lead components in the City’s water lines, but some homes and businesses still have lead water lines in service.  Lead mineralizes when it’s exposed to water, so the inside of a lead pipe develops a hard rock-like coating over time.  Replacement usually involves excavating around the old lead, removing it and replacing it with copper or another safe material. Voluntary replacement of lead plumbing is always an option for a homeowner, but when a lead water line breaks from age, damage or cold weather, repair is not an option. Replacement is the

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