Boston Pipe Lining

Green All Around: Boston Turns to Eco-friendly Infrastructures

In a city rich with history, Boston is taking steps to update its infrastructures. The Boston Water and Sewer Commission is implementing eco-friendly projects designed to help manage stormwater and educate the public on the city infrastructures. By mimicking nature and treating the first inch of stormwater, the goal is to substantially reduce pollution in the rivers and Boston Harbor. For most of Boston’s history, stormwater management meant capturing stormwater and piping it quickly and efficiently to receiving waters, like the Charles, Muddy, Mystic and Neponset Rivers or Boston Harbor. In recent years the city has adopted a new “green”

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Boston Devises Creative Way to Boost Energy and Revenue

The city of Boston is taking a proactive and collaborative approach to ensuring the best use of energy and resourcefulness of the sewer systems. A recent proposed collective effort would involve local wastewater facilities to produce fertilizer while simultaneously generating electricity. It’s expected that this process of conversion would also become a sustainable source of profitability for smaller cities and neighborhoods near Boston. Cities and towns could market the treated water to be used for irrigation, street sweeping, flushing toilets and other means. Producing electricity and capturing thermal energy closer to the source would be more efficient because it would

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A Timely Sewer-Saver Plan for Boston Neighborhoods

In neighborhoods in and around the Boston area, inflow and infiltration have become a concern for homeowners. While there has been a good amount of sewer infrastructure rehabilitations, city-wide, the newest proposal to hit the streets will tackle inflow and infiltration with a newer and more aggressive approach than previous attempts. This year’s investment will be in areas where the highest return in reduced flows is anticipated. During the recent flow-metering, excessive infiltration was discovered prompting the city to make a reliable, cost-effective plan. The city expects to fund work on several areas identified as having the highest inflow and

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Boston, Having Flooding Issues

Boston, Having Flooding Issues?

Boston, The extreme change in the weather from below freezing temperatures, to warmer conditions ,led to a  busy weekend  for Boston’s Fire Department, as they  fielded nearly 100 calls from around the city where pipes burst or cracked, sending a flood of water into residential business properties. Perma-Liner has the root to your problems! We have installers all around your area, we have all materials to do the job, with no digging up your business or homes. We will have you business and homes running back properly with in a day! If you have any questions about our products or

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Broken Sewer Pipe Boston MA

Broken Sewer Pipe in Boston

We received a phone call from a Boston homeowner in regards to a problem they were having with their broken sewer pipe.  With our trenchless sewer repair process we were able to save the 4” broken sewer pipe.  The homeowners sewer pipe ran directly under huge trees and brand new landscaping.  On this particular Boston home we used our Perma-Patch small diameter no dig spot repair system.  The Perma-Patch system is used frequently to repair small sections of broken sewer pipes in Boston because of the multiple benefits, quick three hour cure time and no property damage as the installation

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