Last Commercial Area in Worchester Finally Getting Sewer Lines

It’s 2018 and the last stretch of commercial area along Route 20 in Worchester, Massachusetts is finally getting sewer lines. There has been talking on and off for more than two decades. Money, other crucial needs, personnel, and time all seemed to stand in the way. But now the city is receiving more than $10 million from the state to help cover the costs.

The money from the state is coming from an environmental bond bill and a transportation bond bill at $7 million and $3 million respectively. This covers half the cost of the $20 million sewer extension project. The city is also contributing an additional $4 million for improvements to the city’s water distribution system in this area to enhance water quality and fire suppression service in anticipation of future development.

In November 2017, Worchester began installing sewer lines served mostly by private septic systems. Due to the use of septic prior to November 2017, development was limited to business who are low water users and use wastewater generators. Now, development opens up to a whole new realm.

Once the project is finished next year, property owners can start linking into the new system. At this time, it has been projected the area will then be able to support more than 1.6 million square feet of commercial development and more than 800 residential units. More than $17 million in new tax revenue for the city would be generated from the new developments in the first 10 years.

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