A Timely Sewer-Saver Plan for Boston Neighborhoods

In neighborhoods in and around the Boston area, inflow and infiltration have become a concern for homeowners. While there has been a good amount of sewer infrastructure rehabilitations, city-wide, the newest proposal to hit the streets will tackle inflow and infiltration with a newer and more aggressive approach than previous attempts. This year’s investment will be in areas where the highest return in reduced flows is anticipated. During the recent flow-metering, excessive infiltration was discovered prompting the city to make a reliable, cost-effective plan. The city expects to fund work on several areas identified as having the highest inflow and infiltration using a grant-loan program consisting of 75 percent of the project cost in the form of a grant, and 25 percent in the form of a zero-interest loan that must be repaid in 10 years. Additionally, the city has experienced higher water and sewer rates which are, in part, due to the problem with inflow. The technology used to address and repair these issues will be CIPP– trenchless choice and Perma-liner Industries expertise. To find out more about our equipment, products, and services, call us or go online to

Boston, have you heard?! The city is now offering a Lead Replacement Incentive Program. This voluntary grant program as an incentive for Boston’s property owners to remove lead from water services. Financial assistance in the form of a credit of up to $2,000 towards the cost of the replacement and the ability to pay interest-free over a 48-month period are available to eligible property owners. The program expands eligibility to properties of all types including commercial properties with lead service lines two inches or smaller.

Interesting fact: faucet aerators that mix air with tap water can reduce the flow to 1.5 to 2.5 gallons per minute. Without the aerators, the faucet uses 3 to 7 gallons per minute. Installing a faucet aerator is a simple procedure that can reduce your water usage.


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