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Green All Around: Boston Turns to Eco-friendly Infrastructures

In a city rich with history, Boston is taking steps to update its infrastructures. The Boston Water and Sewer Commission is implementing eco-friendly projects designed to help manage stormwater and educate the public on the city infrastructures. By mimicking nature and treating the first inch of stormwater, the goal is to substantially reduce pollution in the rivers and Boston Harbor. For most of Boston’s history, stormwater management meant capturing stormwater and piping it quickly and efficiently to receiving waters, like the Charles, Muddy, Mystic and Neponset Rivers or Boston Harbor. In recent years the city has adopted a new “green” approach to stormwater management.

Be on the lookout for signage around Boston where green infrastructure is in place and explains how the features work.

Sticking with the “green” theme, Boston Water and Sewer Commission has helped design “green” play and parking areas of five Boston Public Schools. They are also working with Boston Public Schools on programs designed to introduce students to green infrastructure and provide better awareness of how it works within a community and helps the environment.

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