The Commonwealth of MA approving products like Perma-Liner

Joseph A. Peluso, Jr., Executive Director
Louis J. Visco, Consultant

Plumbers work with materials and fixtures used in the installation, removal, maintenance, extension and alteration of plumbing systems for piped fixtures, fixed appliances and accessories. They perform this work in connection with sanitary drainage, storm drainage, special waste, venting systems and public or private water supply systems within or adjacent to a building or structure. Gas Fitters pipe fuel gases, low pressure or elevated, to appliances and accessories and insure the installation of vent piping for flue gases and make-up air.

The Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters regulates these occupations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in accordance with the state laws and Board regulations. The Board holds examinations and issues licenses for Journeyman and Master Plumbers, Journeyman and Master Gas Fitters, and LP and LTD Gas. It registers apprentice Plumbers and Gas Fitters and issues corporate and partnership certificates for plumbing and gas. The Board holds public hearings for code amendments, grants variances, approves dual and elevated gases and plumbing and gas products.

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