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Tewksbury’s Smoke Detectors for Sewer Repair


Tewksbury, when you see smoke coming from various areas near your home this week, there is no cause for worry.  The City is testing the sewer system and its functionality.  The town uses a method of smoke bombs to detect any repairs needed caused by leaks and faulty pipes.  This is also a cost cutting measure, which is aimed at preventing inflow or water that gets into the sewer system that isn’t supposed to be there.  The City advises calling the Department of Public works should you see smoke inside your house as this is usually a problem with the toilet and can be evaluated.  In addition, you may also see smoke coming from your gutters.  There are no health hazards with the smoke testing as it is non-toxic.  The sewer inspections will also include testing manholes in the area of Ames Pond and Radcliff Road primarily.  Residents, plan on most of the work being performed after midnight, in an effort to be least disruptive to daily routines.

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