Residents of Falmouth Anticipate New Sewer

Residents in Falmouth attended the Little Pond sewer meeting held last week.  The City plans to begin a sewer improvement to homes and businesses that total nearly 1500.  The City answered many questions mainly addressing the Mara Vista peninsula and Falmouth Heights community because these residents will be most affected by the sewer restructuring.   There will be new pumps installed and primarily designated to protect the residents living near the lower elevations.  These areas have been susceptible to increasing environmental hazards.

Something to keep in mind when considering the importance of our underground infrastructure: our sewer system is made up of an integrated sewage collection and treatment network.  Sewage is collected from individual private premises by service branch lines that transmit the collected material to larger mains. The mains then feed into pump stations and sewers that connect to the sewage treatment plant and then pass through a series of biological and chemical treatments that furnish it safe to be discharged into a waterway or to be used as recycled water.

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