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Boston’s Sewer Success


Way to go Weston!!  Recently, The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection gave an award to Weston, a wonderful and scenic neighborhood of Boston. Working in conjunction to provide stellar service Boston’s Water and Sewage Department also received a commendation. That’s great news and a job well done!

As far as a sewer system goes Boston, we have quite a long history starting in the 1700’s.  Luckily, inevitable progress has our system and infrastructure intact with many advancements since the days of draining water from cellars, yards and streets. We have come a long way, Boston! The sewers are now the principal element of the underground infrastructure.  If we’re talking numbers, we are in deep with the sewer system consisting of: 622 miles of sanitary, 595 miles of storm drain, 235 miles of combined sewer, and 3 miles of combined sewer overflow.  That’s a good amount of linear mileage.

To keep our City running this good, remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Perma-Liner has state of the art trenchless technology and is the leader in cured in place pipelining, which keeps your landscaping intact. Contact us, we’re at www.perma-liner.com


Save the Date!!

Mark on your calendars: July 28th-30th, Perma-Liner Industries has an exciting event going on and we’d love to see you!!  We’re having our Open House in the Tampa Bay area and it’s sure to be a great time.  We’ll have our excellent staff here to answer all of your questions about Cured-in-Place Pipeline products and our state of the art trenchless technology.  Come out and see live demonstrations, share friendly conversations and gain information.  Meals will be provided.  Please register at no cost: info@perma-liner.com or 1-866-336-2568.