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A Fight for Sewer Upgrades

A Fight for Upgrades

A city outside of Boston – Quincy – is being sued by the federal government for releasing sewage and untreated wastewater into Quincy Bay and Boston Harbor. To say city officials are upset would be an understatement. Most don’t understand why the federal government won’t work with the city to improve its sewer and storm drain systems. This is a Fight for Sewer Upgrades

The lawsuit states Quincy violated the Clean Water Act by the release of sewage and wastewater into waterways.

The EPA wanted the city to sign a consent decree that would have forced it to spend a good chunk of money to upgrade its sewer and storm drain systems but that didn’t come to fruition, hence the lawsuit. Many cities nationwide have signed consent decrees in order to upgrade their failing sewer systems.

Quincy’s sanitary sewer system overflowed on numerous occasions releasing sewage and untreated wastewater. The Clean Water Act allows for daily penalties of $37,500 for each violation that occurred on or before Nov. 2, 2015, and $54,833 for each violation occurring after Nov. 2, 2015.

An overwhelming of the systems are common occurrences. These aging infrastructures nationwide cannot hold what they used to with growing populations. Many feel it’s not necessary negligence but more of an evolution in the population and climate change.

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