Sewer Pipe Patch Boston

Sewer Pipe Patch Boston Sewer Pipe Patch Boston

Sewer Pipe Patch Boston Many contractors call Perma-Liner wondering what type of sewer pipe patch would work in Boston.  Perma-Liner offers a sewer pipe patch known as “Perma-Patch”.  These sewer pipe patches come in kit form, so there is no measuring or waste and they are extremely user-friendly for Boston contractors and homeowners.  The new sewer pipe patch kits from Perma-Liner use a fiberglass mat with Sodium Silicate resins, creating a structural repair that has a minimum life span of 50 years per ASTM F1216.  If you reside in Boston and are looking for a sewer pipe patch, you’ve come to the right place… call Perma-Liner!

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Sewer Pipe Patch Boston

Sewer Pipe Patch Boston


[box type=”info”]If you live in Boston or the New England area and have questions on the Perma-Liner™ products, please call us at anytime. 1-866-336-2568[/box]


[box type=”bio”]For more information on Perma-Liner Pipelining Products, please visit us on the web. We are the trenchless pipelining experts. On our website we have a full range of pipelining products, pipelining equipment, and pipelining materials. You can check out our: PERMA-LATERAL AIR INVERSION system, PERMA-LATERAL PULL IN PLACE pipelining system, INNERSEAL INNERWRAP pipelining system, PERMA-MAIN system, SECTIONAL POINT REPAIR pipelining system, and our amazing PERMA-PATCH lining system. If you have any questions, you can contact one of our pipelining experts and we will answer your questions very quickly! You can also apply to become a certified Perma-Liner pipelining installer on our website. Check out our Perma-Liner U.S. Tour as well. Thanks for visiting one of our pipelining blogs![/box]
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