Trenchless Pipe Repair in Boston

Trenchless Pipe Repair in Boston. We received a call from a Boston business concerning a broken sewer pipe that needed repair.  The business owner wanted to avoid the conventional route of digging and replacing his broken sewer pipe.  Instead, he requested trenchless pipe repair featuring the Perma-Lateral™ air inversion system.  With only one access point needed and a time frame of three hours, his business was back up as if nothing had ever happened.

[box] To learn more about trenchless pipe repair or the different systems manufactured by Perma-Liner™, please call us at anytime. If you live in the Boston Bay area or the Southeast United States we welcome you to come visit us for a live Perma-Lateral™ air inversion demonstration or the products and materials offered by Perma-Liner™ Industries.[/box]



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